Kim Stearns - Pre-School (3 year Olds)

Mrs. Stearns has been teaching for 38 years, 24 of them at Geneva Christian School. She has always taught preschool, her absolute favorite!



judy Kloese- Pre-Kindergarten




Amanda Currens - Pre-Kindergarten



Lori Kruit - Kindergarten

Mrs. Kruit has a BS in Education from Liberty University and some Masters work specializing in Reading. She has taught Kindergarten - 2nd grade classes for a total of 16 years. Teaching at GCS is so rewarding for Mrs. Kruit because she loves the individual attention she can give to the children. She incorporates centers and play into the daily routine and is passionate about reading and writing. Her class does these activities every day, although they may not realize it because it is usually done with a listening center or author study and they kids are having fun!

Juli Dale - Grades 1st And 2nd









Marsha Majewski - Grade 3

Mrs. Majewski has been teaching for 18 years, 4 of them at Geneva Christian School. She has a BA in Elementary Education, specializing in Reading. Mrs. Majewski enjoys teaching children and sharing the love of God in classroom!




Sharon Henryson - Grade 4








Beth Noguera - Grades 5th and 6th

Mrs. Noguera has been teaching at Geneva Christian School for 1 year. She loves teaching Language Arts, especially Reading and Novel studies. Mrs. Noguera has taught 6th grade at Westminster Christian and French at both the St. Charles and Geneva Park Districts. She has also tutored in French. Mrs. Noguera loves teaching Scripture and praying with her students. What a blessing!



Valaree Weeks - PE









Lisa Wheatley - Spanish







Mary Sotiroff - Director